I don't know where to post this request

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I don't know where to post this request

Post by French anonymous » Thu Feb 08, 2018 1:46 pm


All links given in this section are for dedicated pantyhose sites. But what i'm prefer are blogs with natural girls.

And what I love absolutly are blogs when the owner keeps her pantyhose in the middle of the summer.

An exemple:
this one http://www.meetmylovelyworld.com/

Just few last summer but in 2016, in July, this girl was on a picnic party in summer with nyloned legs. And there are many pics of her with nyloned legs in summer.

http://www.meetmylovelyworld.com/2016/0 ... -time.html

Why I love that ?
Because I think that a lady wearing pantyhose in summer, loves to wear them. I wear pantyhose every day with shorts, even in summer because I love to do wear them all of the time and I love seing a girl loving wearing them as much I love myself. And If I choose to give you this exemple, especially for the picnic party, that's why some ladies must wear them in summer by professional obligation, but if she wears them during a romantic picnic party, it's not by professional obligation, she isn't forced, so surely she loves to wear them.

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